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What We Do

To put it simply, we help you learn about wine so that you can describe what you like and what you don't like. We explain where it comes from, how it's made and who are the people involved so you can have a more complete understanding of the process.

What we don't do is tell you what to like, what not to like and what you should like. And, we don't like people who do. It's really okay to not like a wine that an "expert" likes.

Then again, we're not real fond of "experts" either.

Our Philosophy

Wine is an alcoholic beverage with very special flavors that are unique to each wine and where it comes from. But, it's still a beverage. It can be enjoyed with food, but many can be enjoyed on their own. Just be mindful that wine does contain alcohol and it is never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach. Would you light a match in a gas station?

What it is not, is a topic that should be discussed, debated, desired or dissed because of one person's view. It's an individual pleasure and is always appreciated with company.

We want to introduce you to a variety of wines from different countries, different grapes and different histories so that you can get a sense of each. You may not like all of them and that's okay. But, if you like wine, we're sure you will find many favorites you never knew existed.

Regional Italian Lunch with Wines to Match

Sunday, June 15 at 12 noon.